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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Human Trafficking is the cause of many destructive lives for women suffering the abuse, Poppy Project the life line of new hope for these group of women is undergoing public scrutiny, to close due to yet more funding cuts.

I'm passionate of the progress Poppy has made and difference to many women. They too have provided stories and accounts on how Poppy was their foundation and support to living independently in the UK.

Margot James MP 
The Poppy project provides valuable lessons and educational learning to women in need, empowering them  on survival techniques and provides basic skills in accessing employment. The service is trying to build confidence for women affected by the sex trade, trafficking and abuse. I'm alarmed that more women are not coming forward to challenge this project being abolished. The project goes deeper than referral managements and criminal prevention to supporting survivors, counselling and resettlement needs for women and some children. 

The organisation established in 2003, I know some of the workers; what they have successfully achieved, so I am disheartened with the loss of income to support services to this dedicated, special charity. I clearly remember their presentation at the Regional Womens Issues Group for new migrant women, refugees and asylum seekers, and the subsequent conference they supported in Coventry; the work from London to Birmingham as an area which interests traffickers. 

Theresa May Home Secretary and I 
The London quarters needs you to keep them alive, let us not fail these women anymore. The unique organisation pioneered service provision for survivors in the UK affected by Human Trafficking, there is nothing like it. I'm fully behind Professor Liz Kelly actions to campaign, I've seen the project outcomes, so please do consider supporting by donations; the Big Society plays in differing ways, contact Eaves via the website directly for any assistance you can provide. Please also contact Theresa May, Home Secretary and  Minister For Equalities and Women. Alternatively Margot James MP, chair of the Government's Anti Trafficking Network.

If we are really taking violence against women seriously to prevent harm,  then we must prioritize stabilizing projects that succeed in delivery; Poppy we must KEEP ALIVE.



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