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Thursday, 28 April 2011

As Kate Middleton prepares to take her vows amongst millions of spectators, I want to capture what modern  marriage means to women. Kate has her work cut out for her with additional pressures; privately, family, royal and state affairs; the prestigious Monarchy and part of the institution, suffocatingly bounded by governing rules.

However for many women life begins with a partner for many reasons, perhaps financial stability, beyond love, bonds and family relationships. Others who are career driven and independent writing their standard pre-nuptial agreements.

As politicians debate how reforms can be delivered to ensure Kate's future daughter can be queen, revisiting a historical  somewhat, outdated institution. I'm bringing what marriage is truly about for me personally; affection, love, mutual respect, trust, chemistry and devotion to one another with formal recognition of stability and understanding. Couples begin to share dreams and explore a new meaning to family, their home, health and well being to each other which are all equally important. Religious rituals are carried out who have strong beliefs, others simply write their own vows and have a small wedding ceremony and affair.

Women and those who choose to have civil partnerships in same sex relationships are too committing to each other, their love and these new agreements are socially creating a space to demonstrate their love to the world. Modern marriage varies across society, new forms of acceptance to marriage and life long relationships are being built with common purpose to individuals. I'm pleased through here comes the bride Kate, the marriage as an institution is much talked about once again; to remember and appreciate bonds, vows and obligations, for those ready to enter a modern marriage, let's celebrate its value whilst we admire the bride tomorrow on this auspicious occasion.


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