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Sunday, 24 April 2011

I wish you all a very Happy Easter this Sunday, as many attend traditional Sunday service and celebrate, I want to remind us all there are many faiths and religions also having the opportunity to understand this special day.

We should emphasise the importance and hope to bring together many interfaith work in the coming future. I'd like to  remember the traditional Christian values as part of the wider interfaith work amongst all faith groups and embrace it. Finally we rest, in this peaceful day and appreciate the sun, let us also spend a few moments in remembrance.

Here are a few Churches in my local area in preparation for service. Above is St John's and St Peter's Church,150 years of history, built on March 15th 1854, consecrated by the Bishop of Worcester; Birmingham was not a Diocese without a Bishop until 1905. Below in the heart of Ladywood, for residents to admire and attend by Summerfield Crescent.


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