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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Can I honestly admit women have no apathy to vote in the coming local elections and on the Alternative Vote? Despite publicity campaigns from both camps, the AV referendum outcomes will make a significant difference on voting turn outs; these results will certainly have an impact if women fail to vote and exert their democratic rights.

Women and AV
As I campaign on the door, many women are complacent about the local elections, yet do they understand the nature of the Electoral Reform that will change the way in which politics is maintained and a shift in power in the future?

The first- past- the- post system has been historical, yet we seek change through this particular referendum. I am enjoying the challenges on the door step, discussion at meetings how the future is to be determined on the AV. The literature is arriving at everyone's door step, there is no excuse not to read the main headlines.

Before you throw any leaflet that assists you making the vital local decision, remember the effort taken to ensure the referendum takes place, expenditure, costs and the campaigners, I am not talking about the celebratory backers but the grass root ordinary people. Learn more if you have time, contact the Electoral Reform Society.

Do have some empathy on the 5th to vote and no apathy!


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