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Friday, 22 April 2011

AV Day
I have finally made my mind, I’m swinging to the No2AV camp, I have delivered the leaflets, read the Electoral Reform Society views and those supporting the referendum whilst I appreciate democracy and AV may have some valid reasons to change our current voting system, it seems people still have very little knowledge of the referendum, it’s purpose and what this change could have on democracy. If we are complacent in not making a decision on the big day; yes that's the 5th May by a low voting turn out. 

AV Seminar
I’m campaigning in this year’s local elections; for local change in Ladywood. I hope you will take time to consider the impact on democracy, why we must at least educate those residents to encourage a positive turn out to vote on both aspects. Whether the current system that I am championing is sustained, it’s the choice of the people that matters the most, the system; First Past The Post (FPTP), or progressively change to AV, the Alternative Vote system both will require an effective turn out in Birmingham. I look forward to the counting the next day where I will report more on the Birmingham outcome, despite sunny weather, canvassing, leafleting and information is being dispersed at a slow place, many residents are not interested in the AV referendum. 

It will be a heavy price to pay on democracy if a few take the view of Nick Clegg, a miserable little compromise whether he was misquoted or not, I want people to have the ultimate choice, there’s no time for compromises, if we are seeking change in electoral reform at least we should respect it, support it and have the opportunity to participate actively. Before we jeopardize our history, legacy and more electoral reforms, review the Fiji’s got it..Australia’s got it leaflet if you have time before the day of judgement, there’s no turning back. 

at AV campaign day CWO
I like to keep things simple, one person one vote, although this AV outcome could make interesting patterns on voting outcomes in different locations like Birmingham. The complex system of AV, finds you ranking candidates if people choose to bother completing the ranking presumingly, it will change immensely on preferences or lucky dip and recounts. 

Let’s not be foolish in having a few make the decision and no reason to complain after, the coverage on media from all angles, Westminster, Hansard Society and political blogs are providing awareness, I mean from both camps, can we seriously take the lottery approach by a few? The foolish way of leaving it to others to decide and see who cares approach? Not really, I’m ready for it but are you?


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