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Saturday, 16 April 2011

This evening my mind has drifted thousand's of miles to the Ivory Coast; the refugees, particularly women and small children as they are desperately fighting for survival. The number of refugees are on the increase, I am not interested in stirring up a debate on immigration, my concern is what the UK can do to assist the needy, in terms of supplies to maintain the health and well being of women and children affected from fleeing civil war.

The psychological, physical trauma women feel during these difficult times, as our Foreign Secretary bids to support and ensure human abuse, loss of lives are tackled, I am confident Hague and his team will take action. I have faith, for those who are crying out for help, I am thinking of you and Ivory Coast, Liberia is housing many refugees, as they seek haven and shelter, look for warmth, stability and security. I pray it comes soon for the women involved by no fault of their own. 

The rapes and perpetrators are arrested and accounted for their brutality. Incoming President Alassane, has a uprising struggle to protect civilization of the people but credibility from allegations of his loyalists supporters involved in genocide. 

The United Nations no doubt will be overlooking these aspects. The charity workers from Red Cross to Caritas, have voiced and logged incident's of the dead from the previous regime. As the capital of Abidjan gets to grips of the atrocity, we seek diplomacy, and only then can we see the true damage to the Ivory Coast and its people. 


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