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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Emmeline Pankhurst, our founder of the right to vote is always remembered by women activists and political catalysts. How would she have viewed her work in present day with growing challenges in the global democratic uprising for ethnic minority women in parts of the world?

Recently we see western world's women ignoring their opportunities through life struggles and neglect the importance to vote at both local and national elections, busy lives, working families caring for children and sheer laziness. If only they knew how their for women pioneers,protested for change for equal rights to vote.

If we recall our history, women and the lady who led the Suffragette Movement should be honored in times when there is so much upheaval in women rights in democracy. Life choices and changing any political landscape matters for both men and women equally. 

Globally there is uncertainty in Libya and tensions rise in the Middle East which affects international women development movements. 

Women in these situations; their choices through democratic rights on the country, their love and pride are sadly omitted,taking the broader picture of addressing conflict and further break out of civil war.There is some hopeful positive outlook for the future, athough it may take some time for this to occur.

Suppression plays in many forms some within communities; let us not dismiss these when women even in Libya are taking to the street, demonstrating and protesting in the front-line of a civil war for their democratic rights.

I hope and pray for that change to happen whilst this ever growing movement of conflict and civil war, women are too remembered to ensure their choices, needs and democratic rights are met equitably. 

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  1. Sadly, in Pankhurst's Britain today, the politically correct mind-controlling hypocrites are glossing over Muslim women's rights by allowing sharia courts to openly operate above our laws and by describing them not being allowed to mix with males other than family, dressing from head to foot in a tent, forced marriages, etc, as "their choice" which me must all respect. Well I do not respect it, even where they themselves claim that is what they want. It is supression of women at its worst and Emmeline must be turning over in her grave having sacrificed so much to see it all thrown away on the rubbish dump of appeasing multi-culturalism. It's very sad and it is getting worse by the day. Peace and respect.