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Monday, 28 March 2011

Horrific pictures were shown to the world when the Libyan woman, Iman Al Obeidi fought through a Tripoli hotel last weekend as she bravely informed the western media of her brutally of the Gaddafi regime, serious accusations of reporting her torture and rape by his military. The Libyan officials shifted her away from publicly sharing what happened.

Will women fear or come forward? I have been watching closely the work undertaken by normal women to the streets, rallying for her release, her well being was the main concern of many women and men in the country of turmoil.

Behind Benghazi's conflict and tensions there is an uprise and yet we forget how women in Libya are being treated during the atrocity and change through civil war. They silenced her by dragging her away in a forceful manner. Her screams and cries were left by journalists and the world in shock. What made this woman courageously come to the surface and explode by revealing her torture, her marks and bruises? I fear the worse when women who support her are mistreated too, failing to raise attention to officials who can be trusted.

I hope these women remember sisterhood, rally for change and always protect themselves first and foremost as war and conflict could last a decade, who is really silencing these women? Only time will tell.


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