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Sunday, 27 March 2011

26th March 2011 is special in many ways, firstly it was the Bangladesh Day of Independence, celebrating 40 Years of Victory for me that remains in my heart, many close friends know how proud I am of my heritage. My family and friends were enjoying the day in Bangladesh.

It was also a night of celebrations at the ICC for British Asians at the British Asian Hafta Awards 2011. The presentations surrounded David Cameron's vision on the Big Society debate, how the host Women in Cultures, had brought valuable contributions to volunteering and supportive charities from the ethnic minorities within particular British South Asians whom added value, socially and economically to Birmingham.

The event was sponsored by Birmingham City Council Equalities Division and enterprises, this helped the success with fine cuisine and guests alike.

The Sikh community presented vocally at the event, how they succeeded in various contributions to the Big Society, empowering local communities to be involved in the localism. Small enterprises and larger establishments were visibly supportive, donating to the charity of the night.

My mind digressed on the peaceful demonstrations, at the same time my colleagues and friends from Birmingham were also taking part in London's March for the Alternative protesting against cuts amongst the public sector and people opposing them generally. Their democratic rights were observed by the media globally with a few images that could deter the some regarded, peaceful march protest a success.

This was more than parallel lives as I sat at my table discussing matters of importance with colleagues, we are all living in this challenging climate. The focus and approach are affected by all and resolved variably by those seeking change, to address the deficit and how we could all make a difference.

I wished everyone a safe return home as I too left the evening late, we all appreciate and value the efforts made to continue the delivery of change to be achieved in Birmingham, as the work does not stop, despite resource allocations, services need to be maintained or reviewed critically to shape them for improvements.

I hope the protesters who gave their time and energy to this cause are remembered peacefully; for them at least whilst I wake to see the capital ready for a clean and graffiti removal process in London; let us celebrate what we have achieved and not lose sight on what can be done better in the future.


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