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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Yes it's nearly here, the fiasco between the House of Lords debating in twilight hours finally the second House is scrutinising on the AV referendum.

As the 100 day mark to countdown has already passed and concessions agreed at the House of Lords or near enough, the deadline is looming, the campaign teams for and against on this cross party initiative seem to get the normal public confused at the best of times despite candidates attempting to be enthusiastic about the referendum and its benefits on the day of local elections.

Do people seek & care for change in the electoral system? Will the power of AV be taking voting rights from the people? These are the questions that remain with me. 

The thought of coalitions, little planned manifestos for change, numerous counting and recounts, the very nature of only 3 countries in the world have the AV, questions its effectiveness. 

Donations are spread campaigning the cause, however the difficulty surfaces on the canvassing elements to local parties making people vote on the referendum; the advantage or disadvantages when simply no one understands the AV system. Patrons across all sides are doing their bit to raise awareness with the general public in virtual silence. The big hitters supporting the AV like Joseph Rowntree are not getting the cross party support as hoped from the popular politicians. 

I look forward to the referendum date on the 5th May 2011; assuming it is going ahead to see the voter turnout and the real outcomes. How will the electorate benefit from this electoral reform? This matters if it succeeds as it will change how we all see politics and democracy play out in the future.


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