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Friday, 11 February 2011

Today I was intrigued with the lack of awareness on the work of CEDAW in the UK and its united global developments with women outreach workers. So much that stunned local grass roots activists and the community and voluntary sector since its history of its creation; yes I am talking about the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women; a basic principle of the UN.

The committee has specific aims and a purpose to oversee the progress of women matters within the 23 states the committee belongs to in the form of a structural mandate monitoring progress.


What springs to mind is how the connection between specialists and practitioners in the sector have certain disparities. Far from reaching women through case studies and allowing them to effectively contribute to the submissions in the shadow reports which are to be reviewed at the committee every four years. There are many in the sector prepared to address gender equality, gather and have discussion forums in the community. These real women working daily, deal with issues in the UK from eliminating discrimination amongst new migrant women to providing employment prospects & health provision . I wonder how they can coordinate activities to ensure their views and recommendations are taken into account in the body of reports to bring to the committee's attention. The WNC now abolished which was an effective lobby tool had some scope and merit to champion issues for women, it will be interesting to see how CEDAW gathers momentum on the ground. I look forward to seeing the feedback from the report submitted in preparation for May 2011.

Yes we must not easily forget the disadvantaged from accessing health provision and welfare to education, including employment opportunities, preventative measures to address all strands of violence against women.

They knew very little and outcomes of the CEDAW Articles & achievements. The elected members by states the 'so called experts' flag the committee with their knowledge on the subject matter based on these reports. Let's hope the real women are brought into the discussions over a period of time than silo activity from a passionate view.
The training video will be of interest to those who wish to learn more about the work of CEDAW, take time to request one and see me explain what it meant to me.


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