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Saturday, 11 December 2010

The fighting spirit women of Uganda.

Third world female entrepreneurs thrive to succeed as their counterparts do in the west.

What does the coming New Year hold for women in developing worlds in business terms?

There are many strong, surviving women striving to eliminate poverty by sheer golden opportunities. Community development projects are such which work extremely hard on the ground providing the level of support to help them build on their dreams. There may be more difficult to obtain in rural villages but these women are not deterred. Despite some setbacks, projects in the community work together with women and families looking to become independent and financially stable to fulfil their aspirations.


BeadforLife is one of these projects aiming to provide real hope to these women, so that an income is generated. Supplied with materials, they delicately handcraft beads; these women try to eradicate extreme poverty by also creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens. The Ugandan women playfully turn colourful recycled paper into beautiful beads for jewellery for profit. Some shea nut gatherers are women situated in Northern Uganda. They collate shea nuts and press them into shea butter for cosmetics and hygiene products such as soaps.

The circle of change

What helps build faith and prosperity is their own determination to invest in the concept, to buy and sell both these products. It is then, change occurs, providing them income for school fees, and medicine to retain their health and food.

The non profit organisation like many international aid organizations, understands that one of the best ways to alleviate poverty in developing nations is to help women become entrepreneurs, their income can lift the entire family's standard of living. I suspect these women should have the opportunity to create their independence and living without overpowering them through forceful mentoring. They have the articulate and business acumen to make it work as they are impacted the most not living in flourished western homes.

But BeadforLife, founded six years ago, has realised further business benefits as some women are far more skilled at running independent local businesses than others, and that it must identify early on those most likely to succeed if it wants to achieve good results.

The group has created an 18-month entrepreneurial program that targets women who are ambitious and innovative and helps them launch profitable ventures. Another aspect of is the agricultural development programme by BeadforLife to support women in Ugandan economy and continue to improve their standard of living. The program also provides them foundations on banking practices, savings and developing business skills for the future. 

If any good comes out of the lessons and case studies are these women face hard struggles, yet they never fail to live their dreams and survive with resilience and independence. Projects such as BeadforLife are working with women to assist eliminate poverty.


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