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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Chairing the Conference 
One of the first major projects was mapping out the work in addressing Domestic Violence amongst South Asian Women as a particular focus.

I led the programme to work with the Community and Voluntary Sector  in partnership within my organisation and Criminal Justice Partners.

The project led to supporting victims and witnesses from diverse communities; understanding the support services available and the work agencies supportively can do to assist them go through the process.


The training, workshops, facilitating the conference and working to develop practitioners understanding on the roles of interpreters, cultural barriers, support from intermediaries was the first in the region which brought the expertise in the community and staff together by utilising drama and theatre role plays.

I would like to thank the women supporting all survivors and charities that worked at length; RSVP, BSWA, Ashram, Roshni, Barnados and others who supported my initiative whom invested their skills to make this a success.
I hope to continue to lead and support several projects to ensure we sustain communities development in addressing Violence Against Women and raise training, awareness and service improvements within agencies to make a positive impact to survivors.


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