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Friday, 30 July 2010

Following the National Conservative Women's Organisation Conference in Central London, members had the opportunity to have our first Cameron Direct with then Conservative Leader David Cameron now Prime Minister. Women from all local party associations attended to hear the party's vision in progressing women.
David Cameron at CWO Conference

I was approached to apply for the West Midlands Regional Conservative Women's Organisation as Deputy Chairman for the Birmingham Heartlands Area by the Heartlands chairman. I asked what added value could I bring to a party to progress the diversity and representation to engage women in politics from communities to be more involved in public life, it was time to take action and demonstrate leadership.

I had already been successful in the OBV BAME Councillor Shadowing Scheme and declined two positions as a prospective local councillor for 2010. Whilst I enjoy attending meetings with my fellow conservatives and after the West Midlands CWO Annual AGM, I was overall pleased to be elected by members, to be the first Bangladeshi female candidate in the position of vice chairman was a pleasurable achievement.

I hope to fulfil the needs of the party to address the lack of representation of women in local politics particularly from communities who have a voice but need encouragement to come forward and deal with matters impacting them; on community issues and civic participation.


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