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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Conservative Party local Councillor BAME Shadowee females at the final Graduation Ceremony in Westminster Houses of Parliament. Speakers including Ministers and OBV. Who said politics with the ladies cannot be entertaining, women from all walks of life shared the centre stage at the Houses of Power to talk about issues that affected their lives and how the campaign trail for some went successfully more than others. I enjoyed meeting my fellow conservatives and inspirational women working to better the community. It's not all about positions and attainments but sharing life experiences and taking others forward. Working as a team during social action projects beyond committee rooms was the time well spent for me during my term on the programme.

I was surprised that my talent was spotted by OBV during the programmes early days, mentioned in the article below which I found highly amusing, take a peep!


with fellow Conservative Councillor Shadowees
with Minister 


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