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Friday, 30 July 2010

50 pioneering, influential women involved in social action and community empowerment were invited to a private reception hosted by Rt Honourable Baroness Sayeeda Warsi at Akhbars Restaurant, Birmingham. The distinguish guests list included floating politicians, community activists and councillors from London and the regions. However disappointingly women were secluded across the room; hidden in the corner of the elite restaurant invited to stand aside springs to mind.

After some women sheltered their ears because of the hounding beats of an accompanied doli which treaded carefully behind the Baroness. Her welcoming presence was styled as a grandeur ceremonial wedding. She finally took the centre stage with a standing women ovation. The Baroness delivered an inspirational speech on community engagement with Muslim women; to see more women participation through social action projects.

‘I want women to work with the party and learn from their experiences in the community.’ She added.

Conservative Party Chairperson, female in the House of Lords Peer, Sayeeda Warsi was ranked the highest ranking Muslim women in the Muslim Women Power List 2009 organised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Sayeeda Warsi highlighted the importance to engage women in civic roles at all levels including serving boards.

She further added that the Conservative Party was committed to working with grass roots women, fully supportive in Muslim women making a difference in the heart of the Midlands and presented her personal career barriers to landing a prominent role in Cameron’s Cabinet at number 10.

Baroness Warsi and I in discussions
Following on she talked about the vision of the party to be reflective and touched on immigration, case studies and international alliances. 

Baroness Warsi went privately around discussion tables listening to community concerns women face to progression. A three course banquet lunch was also organised by her family to give women an opportunity to sound their issues informally amongst the apprehensions from bold women seeking clarity of the engagement; caused a few mixed feelings. The event lasted until late noon.


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